Furniture designer with sketches and laptop

5 courses · 20 hours

Navigate through the art of 3D design. Transform your visions into breathtaking realities and elevate your design prowess with Ciemetric.


Equipment and Space:
  • Ensure access to Cienapps, Cieblink or Ciemetric
  • A computer/laptop with a stable internet connection.
  • Microphone and speakers or a working headset.
  • Installation of the latest version of the Chrome browser.
  • A quiet, distraction-free space to follow the course, ideally in a closed room to avoid background noise.
Scene Discovery and Creation
Begin your journey with a comprehensive introduction to Ciemetric. Learn the software’s fundamentals, from navigation to specific room adjustments. Discover how to bring your client’s room to life through advanced customization. The session also covers applying textures, HD mode, and concludes with saving your work. An essential first step to crafting stunning designs!
Refinement of Cabinets and Customizations
Dive deep into the details of global options. Explore the wealth of available choices, from doors to colors, and from positioning to customizing cabinets. Learn to incorporate and edit key elements such as the sink, appliances, and much more. This session enables you to design a comprehensive and bespoke kitchen with Ciemetric!
Creating Islands and Bathrooms with Advanced Options
Move beyond the kitchen by crafting an elegant central island, then designing a comprehensive bathroom. Learn to manipulate countertops, plumbing features, and decorations. Uncover the capabilities of the advanced options, both at a global and specific level. The 2D view grants you a new design perspective, simplifying adjustments and saving for a smooth transfer to Cieblink.
The Power of the Universal Database: From Selection to Definition
Delve into the richness of our universal database by selecting and defining your cabinets, materials, doors, and much more. From material textures to the choice of handles and accessories, this workshop allows you to truly define your product offering extremely quickly. Equip yourself with the tools to craft creations that align with your vision, thanks to Ciemetric.
Identify and Select from our Universal Database
Focus on defining and pinpointing missing elements by selecting directly from our universal database. From cabinets to accessories, through material textures, door models, to handles, this session guides you through each step to enrich your designs.

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Evolve in the world of 3D design.

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5 courses totaling 25 hours of pure creation.

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Dive into proven methods to produce stunning designs.

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